NSF was founded on the principle that every child has the right to basic education.  With this in mind, we are working towards enabling underprivileged students in their pursuit of education.

From delivering the paper to working at a top-ranked multinational

Sathibabu Chunduri

Sathibabu Chunduri is the first person in his family able to read and obtain an education, so seeing him graduate from JNTU Kakinada with a mechanical engineering degree and getting a job at a top multinational company is a clear example of how far Next Step Foundation’s scholarship recipients can go if given the opportunity.

“I would like to thank Next Step Foundation for its generosity and the personal investment and good faith they put into my future,” he said.

Sathibabu says he knew from a young age going to school would put a big financial strain on his family, one that his parents couldn’t afford. So, in elementary school, he started delivering newspapers before dawn to earn money for his books and other school-related expenses.

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Moving towards a future that didn’t seem possible four years ago

Chandralekha Asapu

Chandralekha Asapu, a daughter of a handloom weaver and sister of two, received her degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering in 2020 with the help of NSF’s YES Scholarship.

Chandralekha’s success started well before university, as she continuously secured top rank in her class, received national awards honoring her good academic standing and aced most tests she took.

Chandralekha says her inspiration to pursue a more providing future than that of her dad’s, a skilled artisan who has been overpowered by the inevitable modernization of the occupation, came from reading books.

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Sruthi Prathipati

“Life is a storm that will test you unceasingly. Don’t wait for calm waters that may not arrive. Derive purpose from resilience. Learn to sail the raging sea”.

This is the aphorism that the young software engineer in TCS Sruthi Prathipati, who has successfully completed her education after braving formidable odds, lives by.

Unlike most of the students of her peer group, who slip into depression, give up on education, Sruthi has set an example with her persistent diligence to realise her dreams, fighting the destitution her bereaved  family faced with the sudden demise of her father.

She found her way across troubled waters built bridges, and moved beyond despair and inertia. Sruthi shares her success story, which she scripted with the invaluable support of NSF.

Here is Sruthi’s story in her own words…

I am Sruthi Prathpati, working with TCS as a software Engineer. Prior to expressing my gratitude towards NSF, I would like to share my story.

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Divili Veera Vani

The meaning of her middle name- Veera means valour and courage. This is the trait that exactly describes this 22-year old Veera Vani.

Vani is now pursuing her post-graduation in Computer Science Engineering in NIT (Nagpur), one of the prestigious institutes of Technology of India.  She successfully completed her Engineering graduation with excellent academic track record from renowned university- Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU)- Kakinada. Her perseverance and hard work reap dividends, as she was offered a good job in a prominent IT company. This was another decision point where she lived up to her name and decided not to settle down in the comfort zone of a job and decided instead to explore new horizons by pursuing an advanced degree.

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