NSF was founded on the principle that every child has the right to basic education.  With this in mind, we are working towards enabling underprivileged students in their pursuit of education.

Sanitation Project in Ghana (2013-2014)

FINISHED SANITATION PROJECT (KVIP latrine) at the Nana Hima Dekyi JHS and Primary School in Ghana!

The objective of this project was to construct an 8-seater KVIP for the Salvation Army JHS and Primary school (Population: 345). The first part of the project involved the construction of an institutional restroom with 8 seats (4 boys, 4 girls) with a rain catchment addition to be used to harvest rainwater for a handwashing facility. Once this construction is completed, teaching staff and PCV will work together to educate students on better sanitation and hand-washing behaviors to complement the new facility.

Project Completion

Construction began around January/February of 2014 and was finished early August. The end result is a beautiful 8 seater KVIP, with a rain harvesting system and 2 handwashing stations.

A restroom of this size will last the school 15-20 years, with proper maintenance. At that point they have a few options on “emptying” the pit and keeping it functioning for more years to come.

Total Project Cost: 23,800GHC or ~$11,000


Our first family in India.

Swasparimal and Swasa Sahasra are two very bright kids but their parents are unable to afford their education. Their father is a struggling professional artist and their mother is in college working towards her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree.