Jerripothula Dhanush is a graduate of the Government Polytechnic College, Visakhapatnam, where he is pursuing his diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Prior to college, Jerripothula achieved many academic accomplishments. In his 10th class, he became his school’s first International Math Olympiad, which helped solidify a position in Information Systems during his school’s polytechnic placements. These achievements have helped build confidence in Jerripothula and allowed him to continue to challenge himself further.

After the completion of his diploma, his goal is to achieve a high score on the GATE and ESE exams in order to begin a successful career. The Next Step Foundation provided Jerripothula with a scholarship to cover his hostel fees and GATE coaching fees. Jerripothula has expressed how grateful he is to our donors, and this has motivated him to pay back the favor in the future and help other children when he is able to.