“A dream is just a dream until we put it into action.”


Maganti Venkata Srinivas is a third-year B.Tech student at Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University in Kakinada, and originally from Denduluru. His family consists of two parents and a younger brother. His father, a farmer, is responsible for supporting the family financially and rarely has time to rest and sleep properly. Worried for his father, Maganti tries to assist him in his free time, however, he is only turned away and directed to put that energy towards studying instead. His father’s dedication has inspired him only to work harder and achieve great academic success.

In his 10th class, Maganti achieved a 10 GPA, which allowed him to study at the intermediate level with reduced fees and reduced financial burden. Furthermore, after the intermediate level, he obtained a 2456 rank in the AP EAMCET which helped him secure his admission to JNTUK. Over the years Maganti has observed how his and his brother’s education has placed additional worries upon his household, to the point where his father has had to borrow money to pay off these fees. With the assistance of his scholarship from the Next Step Foundation he has been able to clear his hostel fees and put more focus on his dream, which is to secure a PSU job through the GATE exam