Siriki Bhavani Shankar is from Visakhapatnam, and is a graduate of JNTUK Kakinada with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. From a young age, Sirki loved to design and analyze the things around him, and he put that passion forward into his studies. After completing his diploma in 2019 with distinction he was able to gain a job as an engineer trainee in cairn oil and natural gas at Vedanta Limited. He feels strongly about his company’s goal to obtain their goals sustainably, and this has driven him to explore this challenging topic further in his free time.

From our donors at the Next Step Foundation, Sirki learned a valuable lesson: “Doing something good to society is the most satisfying thing”. By experiencing the effects of giving back to your community he has made it a goal for himself to consistently contribute to society and put this opportunity forward. To him, NSF gave him the hope and confidence to achieve the dreams and aspirations he held from a young age and for that, he is extremely grateful.