“Believe in yourself and smile always.”

Yanamadala Bhargavi had a dream to build her own house. And in order to see that dream through she studies hard to attain her degree in B.Tech Civil Engineering from Ideal Institute of Technology. Yanamadala is an excellent student and received a Prathibha award for civil engineering in 2019. This was her first big accomplishment in her academic career and this is a very proud moment for her parents. During her studies, she saw how her family suffered due to financial stressors. They were unable to help her buy the necessary stationery and materials for school, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, she found herself stuck.

Her NSF scholarship helped buy Yanamadala a new phone to attend her online classes during the lockdown and ensure that there was no gap in her academic career.

After graduation, she got a job in L&T as a GET and joined the company in October to begin her training period. Her goal is to gain as much knowledge as possible and reach a good position in the company and eventually move into the government sector. Yanamadala expresses her gratitude towards NSF for supporting her goals and studies.