Donate to NSF for Child Education.

Support a child is an NSF program that allows generous donors to directly provide support for a child’s education. The “Sponsor a Child” program was developed for the unique reason of allowing the donor to see the difference they have made in a child’s life.

We are also inviting contributions to expand the engineering scholarship program to reach more aspiring engineers.

Donations can be made on a one-time or on a monthly recurring plan.

Volunteers a gift to Community.

Event Organizer:

(Location: Washington DC metro area):

We are currently looking for a volunteer to organize a fundraiser event for the summer of 2017 in the Washington DC metro area. The event organizer will be supporting the committee in activities spanning from spreading the word about the event and logistics of the event.

Skills needed:
  • Experience in organizing events with upto 250 attendees
  • Ability to generate interest and engage an audience with excellent communication skills while precisely communicating a message
  • Expert in social media strategies and content creation
  • Passion for the mission of NSF
  • Experience in conducting campaigns a plus